Rocket League Pro settings

A ball and a car, sounds weird right – well, not apparently. The idea of playing football or as our friends across the pond like to call it soccer with cars has taken off and Rocket League is set to become a Tier 1 Esports game. It has a thriving competitive scene and an active community of fans and supporters. 

The game is very simple – just shoot the ball in the net to score a point. However, mastering the game mechanics requires conviction and dedication. You can spend hours playing the game to perfect your air dribble only to botch it up when it matters. 

Rocket league is all about ball control, technique and finesse. The number 1 aspect that rocket league professionals do their best to get right is camera settings. If your camera settings are not perfectly dialed down, you will miss a lot of your shots. 

Therefore, if you want to improve in the game the number one settings you need to change is camera angle, pitch, height and speed. However, why do that on your own when we are providing you the rocket league camera settings of all the professional players. 

In the list down below you have all the settings of all rocket league professional players that have set foot in the game. We also keep keen track of changes and update the list promptly.

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