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Jason ‘Beaulo’ Doty

  • Professional gamer
  • TSM
  • United States
Beaulo Settings

Hailing from the USA, Jason “Beaulo” Joty is one of the best players the North American region offers. Beaulo is a professional player for Team Solo Mid (TSM), Twitch Streamer, and a Youtuber. Beaulo has a huge fan following not only from his region but also from International Siege fans. His aggressive style of play, gifted mechanical ability, and outclass game sense make him the most feared foe in Rainbow Six Siege.

Beaulo’s Mouse Settings – Logitech G Pro X Superlight

DPIHorizontal/VerticalSens Multiplier
Polling RateADS Hold/ToggleAim Hold/Toggle

Beaulo’s Scope Sensitivity – Logitech G Pro X Superlight

Sight Color OpacitySight ColorV-Sync

Beaulo’s Fortnite Video Settings

Display – Acer Predator Xn253q

Windowed ModeResolutionFrame Rate Limit
Fullscreen1920×1080240 FPS
FOVAspect Ratio
LOD QualityTexture QualityTexture Filtering
Shadow QualityShading QualityLens Effect
Reflection QualityAmbient OcclusionZoom-In Depth of Field

Beaulo’s Gaming Gear






Beaulo’s PC Specs






Beaulo’s Most Popular Video

Beaulo’s Career

Beaulo had a knack for gaming at a very early age and was hooked when his older brother introduced him to console games. The first game that caught the attention of Beaulo was World of Warcraft. This game was what started the journey for Beaulo into gaming.

In his teenage years, FPS games were the talk of the town, so Beaulo also ventured into Counter Strike Global Offensive and played it on a relatively high level. Counter-Strike Global Offensive was, however, not his game of choice and as soon as the trailer for Rainbow Six Siege dropped Beaulo jumped ship.

Beaulo would not venture into the competitive siege scene in the early days but play the game as a content creator. He was extraordinarily skilled and insanely gifted, which led to Beaulo creating R6 montages on YouTube showing off his insane kills in the game.

Unfortunately, the Pro community of Siege at that time was not ready for the level of play Beaulo presented, so he was faced with many cheating allegations. This led to Beaulo streaming on Twitch with his face and mouse cam.

 In 2018, Beaulo joined disrupt gaming as a content creator but decided to switch to competitive siege as a Pro player for TSM 6 months later. Ever since joining TSM Beaulo has been present on the Team’s active roster and has helped TSM win many trophies and accolades.

Social Media and Net worth

Beaulo made a name for himself by trick shooting his opponents. He pulled of insane plays that were a treat to watch, and hence as a result his fan following skyrocketed in a very short amount of time. People were obsessed with his high-level level of play and would often call an insane kill as a “Beaulo peak.”

Beaulo currently has 1.28 million subscribers on YouTube, 1 million followers of Twitch, 225K followers on Twitter, and 212K followers on Instagram.

Beaulo is very rich for his age. He was very young when he started getting Twitch viewers and currently, he is a Twitch partner. Alongside, his Twitch revenue Beaulo has also won many major siege tournaments which has earned him a lot of prize winning as well. All things considered, Beaulo has a total net worth of 1.5 million.

Prominent Achievements for Beaulo in Rainbow Six Siege

  • First place DreamHack Montreal 2019
  • Won the Six November 2020 Major – North America
  • Won the 2022 Six Invitational (biggest event in Rainbow Six Siege)
  • Was named the 5th best Rainbow Six Siege player in all regions for Year 5


What is the Role of Beaulo in the TSM?

  • Beaulo plays as the second entry in TSM. He is responsible for entry fragging alongside Merc on the team.

Which Operator Beaulo Mains?

  • The main operators of Beaulo are ASH and Sledge on attack and Jager or Bandit on defense.

Where is Beaulo From?

  • Beaulo is from the USA and currently lives in a team house in Nevada.

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